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Ouro Mining Inc. is a private US based coal development company which is focussing on a premium semi-hard coking coal deposit located in the Midwest, USA.

The company has recognised the potential of a coking coal mine to be developed in this region, and has selected its core project, the Heavener Project, for the following sound reasons:

  1. The project is fully permitted by the previous operators who had been mining open cut “strip mines” until 2008.
  2. The project has had extensive geological and other technical work done over the years, which, although not JORC compliant, was enough to recognise the potential of the resource.
  3. The coal seam at Heavener (Hartshorne Seam) averages six feet in thickness, and as such, provides for several mining choices.
  4. There are no logistical hurdles in the area as the project provides excellent access to rail and port with the option of several methods for coal transport to the Gulf ports.
  5. There are no environmental issues in the area due to the legacy of the good environmental record displayed by the previous owners.

The Heavener Project is located on the Oklahoma-Arkansas border and is centered in one of the few regions in the central and western United States where low volatile, hard coking coal occurs. This form of coking coal is the most sought after coking coal on the market, and commands very attractive prices in export trade.

Ouro has a strong technical and commercial management team in place, having professionals who are very experienced in taking the Heavener Project to the next important level. This team will be further strengthened as the project naturally develops towards mining.

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